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We are currently launching our services throughout the state of Florida and are actively recruiting appearance attorneys to our network!

Our team is ready to start assigning you matters in  your local geographic and practice areas!

The ideal candidate is professional, diligent with reviewing assignments, punctual for all appearances and quick in submitting reports and outcomes.

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Attorneys in our network ...

Licensed Attorneys


Our network of appearance attorneys are comprised of licensed attorneys seeking to supplement their income. 

Appearance counsel are generally already in the local county or courthouse on a regular basis. 

Candidates must be: 1) licensed attorneys in “good standing”, 2) experienced in handling court appearances and/or depositions, 3) have a calendaring system in place to avoid any missed appearances, and 4) are available to handle assignments in their local geographic and practice areas. 

If you would like to apply, submit your details below and one of our team members will review and contact you. 

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