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Deposition appearance attorneys are freelance attorneys who appear for depositions on behalf of law firms and attorneys of record. In Person and Virtual depositions are handled on a routine basis. 

Depositions attorneys generally handle “one off” depositions. The deposition appearance lawyers in our network can both conduct or defend depositions. Counsel in our network can handle “party” and “non-party” depositions. 

Appearance counsel are able to review portions of any file and are usually guided by the attorney of record on areas to focus on at a deposition, or particular areas to question the witness. 

If any issues arising during the proceeding, deposition appearance attorneys typically contact the attorney of record from court for further guidance and instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To reserve an appearance attorney call or submit your request online here. 

Once your booking is received, an email will be sent confirming an appearance attorney is booked. 

Appearance attorneys usually submit their reports within 1-2 hours of the appearance. 

If an appearance is cancelled, the appearance attorney will still be entitled to a cancellation fee since the attorney reviewed and prepared for the appearance. If the cancellation takes place on the day of the scheduled appearance, the full rate will apply as the attorney either traveled to court, prepared or turned down other work to handle your matter. 

To ensure satisfaction, an attorney’s office booking deposition coverage should provide as much information regarding the matter. Basic information such as the date & time of the deposition, location of the deposition, court reporter name, etc. are needed to handle any assignment. Additional information regarding the substance of the matter is also required. For example, if the matter is an automobile accident matter, the attorney of record should forward a copy of any complaint, discovery responses and/or exhibits to be marked at the deposition. Other relevant information, such as prior transcripts or prior lawsuits, should probably be sent to counsel for review as well. All instructions and special requests should be forwarded prior to the appearance.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to reach out to us online or call us. 

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