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99% of all court appearances, depositions and legal proceedings were handled “in person” pre-pandemic. However, due to court closures and lockdowns, the pendulum reversed and swung the opposite way.  Today, “in person” appearances are back and we have seen the number rising close to 50%. 

In Person Appearance Attorneys can appear for your “in person” court appearances, depositions and legal hearings. Counsel are able to travel to and from the assignment. Counsel can handle assignments in particular courthouses or counties or court reporter’s offices. 

Upon booking, we will secure an In Person Appearance Attorney from our network. Once confirmed, we will forward your booking request and any information you forwarded to the assigned counsel. To ensure satisfaction, we recommend including case background, case instructions and relevant documents. 

Appearance counsel will appear for the assignment on the scheduled date & time and handle the court appearance or deposition in accord with any instructions. If there are any questions, appearance counsel will typically call your office from court. 

Following the appearance, the assigned appearance attorney will forward you an update regarding the matter for your file. 

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7 Reasons to Book an In Person Appearance Attorney

Avoid Crowded Courthouses

Save $ on Tolls, Parking, Gas

Save Time Traveling

Focus on High Priority Clients

Reduce Stress

Work on Law Firm Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

To reserve an appearance attorney call or submit your request online here. 

To ensure the assigned lawyer handles your appearance to your satisfaction, we recommend providing all relevant information. 

Case Information – Basic case information includes details such as the case name, case number, date of the appearance, time of the appearance and the court & location where the appearance attorney needs to appear. 

Background Information – Background information includes the type of case being assigned. Is the matter an automobile personal injury matter, a breach of contract case, or something else. An appearance lawyer needs to know the background of a case in order to handle an appearance assignment adequately. 

Case Instructions – What is your objective for the appearance? Is your law firm looking for the matter to be continued or adjourned? Or are you looking for the appearing attorney to conference certain issues with the court? This information should be included in your booking request. 

Important Documents – Relevant documents should be should be uploaded to your booking. What documents are relevant? Any documents an unassigned associate in your office would have to review to get “up to speed”, are relevant. For example, if the appearance is for a motion hearing, the appearing attorney will require a copy of any motion, opposition and reply papers. If the matter is on for a discovery conference, the appearing attorney will be better prepared if he or she can review the complaint, discovery demands and any prior discovery orders. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us online or call us. 

Once your booking is received, an email will be sent confirming an appearance attorney is booked. 

Appearance attorneys usually submit their reports within 1-2 hours of the appearance. 

If an appearance is cancelled, the appearance attorney will still be entitled to a cancellation fee since the attorney reviewed and prepared for the appearance. If the cancellation takes place on the day of the scheduled appearance, the full rate will apply as the attorney either traveled to court, prepared or turned down other work to handle your matter. 

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